About Us

Geography on Strike is the centralized online presence of the students of Concordia’s Geography and Environment undergraduate program who support the strike and are actively organizing strike activities.

Concordia Geography and Environment students voted for a strike mandate on Wednesday, February 29th, effective two business days after their stated criteria was met.  By the end of the evening, three student associations at Concordia had voted in strike mandates and the province-wide count of students on strike was 65,000 – above the floor set in the mandate.  Consequently, the Geography and Environment strike was set to begin Monday, March 5th.

About GUSS

The Geography Undergraduate Student  Society (GUSS) is responsible for facilitating General Assemblies and ensuring the mandate is being fulfilled. The strike organizing committee is not part of GUSS, but we do have close communication with the elected executives for questions, information and access to resources (ie meeting space). For information purposes we publish statements from GUSS on this blog.   If you are looking to get in contact with GUSS, you can contact them through their email guss@asfa.ca or at their facebook group (their office hours are listed as well).

About the UPA

The Geography Planning and Environment (GPE) department is in an odd situation, as there are two student associations within it. GUSS and the Urban Planning Association (UPA) hold separate General Assemblies and consequently have different mandates and approaches to the strike.  Because of the closeness of the associations (many shared professors, cross-listed classes, and overlapping major/minor students), UPA information may be represented here but may be incomplete. The official blog of the UPA is urbanconcordia.tumblr.com.

There are plenty of tasks to be done and we are always looking for new ideas.

Let’s make the strike a success!


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