End of year part – Free education, not war

End of year PARTY
Free education, not war

Thursday, 29th November, 7pm
Kafein, 1429A Bishop

with live performances, including belly-dancing

FREE DRINKS, for FREE EDUCATION, for the first 30 folks!

ALL ARE WELCOME. Please invite your friends, profs and other collaborators, particularly from the strike period.


a party to celebrate the successful mobilization at Concordia
leading up to the strike,
and throughout the movement. 

a party to recall how awesome it was
to make history
and join the GGI.

a party also to reconcile
and attempt to heal collectively
from the wounds inflicted by the admin,
by the riot police 
by the charges
by the private security guards
by the SPVM
by the SQ.

a party to say hello and hugs
the friends and comrades
“partners in crime”
protest buddies and what not!

a party to say no to war, and 
a big yes to Free Education
to say no to oppression, 
no to imperialism
no to colonialism, and
a big yes to self-determination.

a party to rejoice and replenish
and build strength 
to continue to fight 
for accessible and free education,
to fight for other causes,
be it climate justice or 
any other form of social justice.

Free Education Montreal (FEM)
Anti-War Efforts at Concordia (AWE-C)

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