GA updates

Firstly, the strike mandate was renewed with amendments put forward by  CLASSE delegates (view the renewed strike mandate here).

A motion was passed demanding the cancelled GPE departmental meeting be reinstated (see below for text).

A motion presented by Students of Color Montreal (view pdf for full text) to be presented at the next CLASSE congress was adopted.

The next GA will be tentatively set for Monday, April 16 at 4pm on the 7th floor of the Hall Building (CSU Lounge). If this date conflicts with a scheduled exam for Geography and Environment students, PLEASE contact GUSS ( as soon as possible!

Minutes should be available soon.

Motion regarding the GPE Departmental Meeting:

“Whereas the cancellation of the department meeting is in contradiction to the advice of the President of Concordia University, Dr. Frederic Lowy, as stated during the Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, April 10, 2012, that the academic concerns regarding the strike are to be ameliorated through discussion between Faculty and Students with support of the Chair of the Department in question,

Whereas the members of GUSS find the meeting cancellation by the Chair of the Geography, Planning and Environment Department, Dr. David Greene, as an unacceptable open attack on the possibility for dialogue between students and faculty,

Whereas forums of discussion with the faculty (part-time and full-time), administration and student representation is critical following the disruption of six weeks of classes and an impending exam season,

Be it resolved that we the members of GUSS call for a departmental meeting as originally scheduled, with adequate representation from all stakeholders, to discuss how this semester has unfolded and what steps can/will be taken to bring unity back to the Geography, Planning and Environment Department.”

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