This Week’s Strike Mandate Amendments

The Geography & Environment strike mandate passed again this past Monday 19th, with 32 for, 4 against. Find the full mandate here.

The new amendments are as follows:

Whereas, as Geography & Environment students, we are committed to building an awareness to the ways in which structures of inequality and oppression perpetuate our social fabric, disproportionately affecting populations marginalized on a basis of gender, race, class, and ability

 Whereas our valued university education involves an examination of these structures through studies of for example (but not limited to): global histories of colonialism and imperialism, environmental injustice, and neoliberal patterns of globalization dependent on cheap, feminized labour

 We condemn the government planned tuition increase in recognition that it will further entrench the structural inequalities identified by the Women Studies Student Association, and we are thus fundamentally opposed to the Charest government’s “Fair and Balanced Plan”


Be it further resolved that GUSS be granted access to the CSU provisionary strike fund to finance to finance strike related expenses such as fabric, paper, food etc. for the remainder of the strike. Refunding for strike expenses will be reviewed and approved by GUSS VP finance and the strike committee and made public in a strike expense report.

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One Response to This Week’s Strike Mandate Amendments

  1. berkeleynov9 says:

    hi, this is great to see! is there a link to the women’s studies student association critique of the “Fair and Balanced Plan”? i’d love to read this analysis. you can reach me at the following address:
    in solidarity,

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