Workshop: Geographic Perspectives on Rights

 What: Four brief presentations by Faculty and Students from the GPE department regarding the nature of rights, the right to the city, and critical rights perspectives to be followed by open discussion.

Description: Many of the justificatory narratives both for and against the current student strike have been contingent upon rights claims. Students against the strike often claim that their individual right to learn (or their right to an education) is being infringed upon and this claim has been echoed some in administrative positions. Meanwhile, one of the primary justifications for the opposition to the Quebec Funding Plan has rested on the idea that citizens should have the right to accessible education and that  by drastically increasing the costs of education –and further entrenching corporate funding for research and study – the Quebec government is compromising this right.

The aim of this discussion is to demystify rights by discussing how they actually work in practice and how rights narratives are framed.

Where: QPIRG Concordia, 1500 blvd de Maisoneuve Ouest, #204 (above Cafe Depot)

When: Tuesday March 20th at 15h00

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