Volunteer driver list serve for the strike

Please Forward Widely


This is a callout for drivers who would like to become part of a volunteer driver program that would act as temporary transportation for students with limited mobility who would like to be present at school during the strike, but who face having to pay out of pocket for their usual government-subsidized transportation under such circumstances.

I (Patrick) face this situation. It costs $120/day for me to get to/from school. While the government subsidizes this in some cases, they only pay for class days. If I don’t have class they won’t pay and I only have 24 days allotted for this semester. The strike poses a problem for me (and others in my position) as it means i) the government will only pay for me to come to school on days I have scheduled classed, so I cannot fully participate in the strike and ii) if the semester is extended I face having to pay out of pocket for any additional class days (beyond the 24 they have allotted me). I think we can be proactive and create a student-led system that works to get people to the strike action!

I (Alex) feel like as people in support of / organizing the strike we have an obligation to try to ease the blow on ourselves and our peers as much as possible. In some cases this will mean forming study groups or peer support networks. In this case, it means making arrangements so that everyone is able to have a presence on picket lines, or at GAs, or for workshops, or in any capacity they want (without the government being able to block participation)!

We are looking for people with valid drivers licenses and [at least] semi-regular access to vehicles to be part of a network of available drivers to be called upon when needed for the duration of the strike. Any car will do, but drivers have to be able to lift people into/out of vehicles. If you volunteer you may receive emails over the next week asking for rides.

This is also a call out to those students who wish to utilize this volunteer driver network. By joining this you can have the ability to call out for drivers when needed during the strike

To be part of the volunteer drivers network please reply to  with
a) Your Name
b) your Email address

In Solidarity,
Patrick and Alex

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