Your Quotes: Why Strike?

We want to hear your inspiring or thought provoking quotes relating to the strike! It could be a summary of the reason that you support the strike or something that has challenged your ideas about the issues. Quotes should be short enough to fit on a business card (hint hint).  Feel free to submit your quotes in the comments.

For example, one of my favourite quotes recently came from this post on the UPA blog :

Do not give up on the debate, because in a free society it is all we have, the debate to defend the rights of our neighbours. When we give up those rights we wind-up with Fascism, monopoly and plutocracy. Though I had to pay every penny for my own education I will vigorously argue for free education because a critical mind is our only defense from exploitation of our minds and labours.

Hans Goetze

Why, you ask?
This week has been a maelstrom of information; data, arguments, counter-arguments, justifications, pamphlets, videos, official statements, rumours, emails, rumours about emails, counter-emails, whispers in the dark, chanting through a megaphone…

It has also become evident that the student “anti-tuition hike” movement is about much more than simply the increase in tuition fees of a particular amount, and the fact that it is continually repeated in the demonstrations, conversations and documentation is troubling. Certainly, in terms of branding “accessible education” or “against the hikes” is much catchier than “the proposed university funding plan is fundamentally flawed and indicative of larger trends in society at large”.

One of the dangers of framing the strike simply in terms of tuition increase is that it gives the impression that students are alone in the fight. However many aspects of the funding plan will impact not only students but also faculty, the university and society at large.

How does one communicate these issues in a way that is not preachy or convoluted? How might a business person or a parent be introduced to the idea that this plan is something that may impact them in the end?

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One Response to Your Quotes: Why Strike?

  1. The thing I like to tell people is that these tuition hikes are based on ideology, not necessity. Their is a prevalent political ideology that says that public institutions and services do not operate at their full “potential” until they are privatised and either turned into investment opportunities or profit making businesses or both. Schools are large institutions with large amounts of capital surging through them and until recently they have been off-limits to investors and corporate interests. They were part of the modern day “commons” and were considered sacred and important for the functioning of society. The larger-scale change that is happening right now is to move institutions like universities, healthcare and social services into the market realm where the can be bought and sold and speculated on for profit. But these institutions and services need to be given over to the market, the market cant just take them. This is what the hikes are about in essence. The government is disentangling itself from the commons. They are like parents pushing a middle-aged son or daughter out the door saying “Its time you make your own way now, get a job” and if that job ends up being McDonalds or Monstanto, so be it.

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