GEOG/URBS Wednesday March 14th Class Updates

There is NOTHING on our official department website ( about the strike and no comments section.

The great thing about public blogs is that you can comment on posts, everyone with internet can access them (ie you don’t need to belong to Facebook or to a specific Facebook group),  and what you write will be available to everyone instantly.

I invite everyone to comment under the day’s “Class Updates” and contribute to maintaining a centralized and accurate account of what takes place in our department! Urbs classes will be added as soon as possible.

 The efficiency of crowdsourcing shall prevail!

Follow the jump for WEDNESDAY MARCH 14 Class Updates…

GEOG 274    Natural Environment: Land/Life (Prof. Alena Perout)
Prof arrived extremely early to class, still met by picket line in front of Faubourg classroom. Relocated to a 12th floor lab to watch a video.

GEOG 431   Urban Planning in the Developing World (Prof. James Freeman)
Prof met by picket line. Only one student showed up.

GEOG 463 Advanced GIS LAB (Prof. Pascale Biron)

Professor Biron was at the lab and answered questions related to the projects but did not present a lecture.

GEOG 220   Place, Space and Identity (Prof. Alan Nash)
Class cancelled. Fieldtrip to another location for an informal lecture on spaces of ethnic food in Montreal (can someone confirm?).

GEOG 362   Statistical Methods (Prof. Ricardo Duenez)

GEOG 204   Global Environmental Issues (Prof. John Buskard)
Once again, striking students asked to address the topic of the strike with the class (few if any Geography students). Mentioned that crossing a picket during a strike puts students who are not attending in precarious position, and that the CSU strike begins Thursday. Fair attendance, class not cancelled. 

GEOG 498C    Adv. Geog: Climate Change   (Prof. Damon E. Matthews)

GEOG 318    Vanishing Borders  (Prof. Julie Podmore)

GEOG  498P   Adv. Geog: Militarism/City  (Prof.  Nasrin Himada)

GEOL 203    Intro to Environmental Geology  (Prof. Judith Patterson)

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