Democracy and the Minimum Agreement

There is currently a petition being circulated which calls for the national level student associations (ASSÉ, FECQ, FEUQ and TaCEQ), who are charged with the task of representing student interests at the provincial level, to respect some basic requirements when in negotiations. You can read about the details about the Minimum Agreement here.  The basic components read as follows:

Given that this is a minimum agreement, the point is not to deny the different associations’ divergent perspectives, but to establish points of convergence that will permit our collective opposition to the government. In that sense, the agreement is built around three clauses:

a)    The solidarity clause: Each national student association will refuse to negotiate with the government if it wishes to exclude one of them.

b)    The no-recommendations clause: The national student associations will promise not to recommend a proposal made by the government to its members so as to give the last word to the local general assemblies or the local authorities.

c)     The no-denunciations clause: The national student associations will promise not to denounce actions undertaken by the other national organisations or the local organisations in the media.

You can find the petition at one of the strike tables; specifically the philosophy students’ association (SoPhiA) has been taking the initiative on getting this signed (Check the Library Atrium for their table).  Hopefully we will have a copy at the 7th floor headquarters as well.

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