Concordia Students Join the Movement!

PRE Concordia-wide strike-kick-off MARCH TO SCHOOL tomorrow (Thursday) morning!!!!

Starting in the Plateau and collecting anyone along the way, we’re gonna leave Parc des Ameriques (corner of Rachel and St-Laurent) at around 7:15am and head to school together! Wear your red! bring horns or drums or protest signs! Let’s kick off the big strike with awesomeness!

Concordia Students Join the Movement!
Thursday, March 15 starting 8 a.m.
Outside the Hall Building

Participate in a historic movement tomorrow as Concordia students join over 140,000 others in the Quebec province-wide unlimited general strike!!!

Bring noise makers, instruments, dress in wild colours, bring banners, poster and all your creativity. Just come! Bring your friends too!

Activities begin at 8 a.m. outside the Hall Building. Join us, bright and early! Activities will be taking place all day.

Here are some other events taking place tomorrow:

Concordia Kick-Off March!
11:30 a.m., Hall Building Terrace 

Full event listings:

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