MARCH 12 GENERAL ASSEMBLY UPDATE: Strike Continues for Concordia Geography and Environment Undergraduates!

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Thank you to everyone who came to Monday’s GA for a healthy and respectful discussion.

The new strike mandate as amended follows. The last amendment directly addresses the strike tactics to be used during the strike including pickets, withholding of assignments, and alternative learning.

The mandate passed on Monday evening, at around 8pm with  64 for, 32 against and 9 abstentions in a blind vote.


(emphasis added by blog administrator to highlight amendments and the motion to strike)

“Whereas the provincial government has expressed its intent to continue to raise student tuition to an amount that is unprecedented in Quebec history,

Whereas the justification put forward for this rise in tuition by the provincial government does not benefit the quality of education nor does it facilitate accessibility to higher education,

Whereas access to higher education is recognized as a right for citizens of all nations under the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights,

Whereas the Concordia University Geography and Environment Undergraduate students are fundamentally opposed to a rise in amount of annual tuition fees,

In agreement with the following clauses as passed by the Women’s Studies Student Association (WSSA);

      • The tuition increase is sexist. It will affect women more than men and go a long way towards keeping gender inequality in place.
      • The tuition increase is racist. People of colour and racialized people will suffer more from this increase.
      • The tuition increase is classist. That tuition is only one portion of what we pay for university. This portion is about to get bigger and people from lower income backgrounds will be more affected.
      • The tuition increase is ableist. Marginalization is also about not being seen as this able bodied, this able minded person.
      • The tuition increase will not solve the problem the government is posing as the reason for the increase.”

Whereas, the geography and environment studies will be negatively impacted by the corporatization of education.

Whereas, the geography and environment studies will be negatively impacted by the privatization of university education and research

Be it resolved that the Geography and Environment Undergraduate students, under the Geography Undergraduate Student Society (GUSS), will commit to an open-ended strike within two (2) working days of the condition being met that the province-wide floor of students reaches 50,000 with a strike mandate, which must include 3 student associations within Concordia University also with a strike mandate.

Be it further resolved that by voting on a strike, undergraduate Geography and Environment students individually commit to taking part in actively maintaining picket lines and involving themselves in other strike activities to the best of their abilities for the duration of the strike.

Be it further resolved that a committee be created to coordinate all Geography and Environment related strike activities and that participation in this committee be open to all Undergraduate Geography and Environment students as well.

Be it further resolved that we commit to liaising with the faculty within the Geography and Environment department with the goal of minimizing any potential negative impact on students resulting from a strike.

Be it further resolved that, while on strike, GUSS calls a General Assembly once a week to vote on the re-conduction of the strike. In addition, amendments may be submitted to GUSS by email  no less than 6 hours  before  the GA in order to give forum to students who are not able to attend the GA.

Be it further resolved that we understand the core of a student strike is to be the recognition that academic work is a form of intellectual labour dependant on student participation. Therefore as students on strike we commit to stopping all academic activity in the geography  department, which will include the following:

i) withholding the submission of assignments (including ones submitted online via moodle or email)
ii) preventing classes from occurring, either by means of zero attendance to class or through picket
iii) encouraging alternative forms of peer-facilitated learning or discussion over the course of the strike.

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2 Responses to MARCH 12 GENERAL ASSEMBLY UPDATE: Strike Continues for Concordia Geography and Environment Undergraduates!

  1. Jes says:

    How many Geography and Environment Undergraduates are there in the department?

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