Scare Tactics Part Two

Yesterday, picketing students were threatened with charges of violation of the code of Rights and Responsibilities. You may have received an email to this effect. It was made clear to us that only those who are blocking professors or students from physically entering a class room would be charged.

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5 Responses to Scare Tactics Part Two

  1. Jes says:

    What were scare tactics part 1? Sorry if I missed this somewhere.

    • keara says:

      Greene said he would be taking down student names and taking photos, threatening possible expulsion. He is acting on his own, without admin instruction or departmental support and has since backed down. Just as a note: admin confirmed, he is not allowed to take photos of students without their permission, nor is anyone required to give him their name!

  2. Kiley says:

    Damn it you guys, I totally meant to save this to draft and make a coherent post about it!!!!

  3. Chris says:

    The title of “Scare tactics” is insinuating that it is indeed a scare tactic , which represents the situation in a biased manner. From my understanding, it is not a scare tactic, but is a set of instructions as to what will be done if one violates the code of Rights and Responsibilities (which seems fair in my eyes).

    • Kiley says:

      I title this “scare tactics” because when he was taking my name to file charges against me, Dr. Greene almost said these words verbatim. I cannot remember his exact words, so I don’t want to put quotation marks around it. The reason I used the term “scare tactics” is because, although he says he always keeps his word, I believe there are too many reasons he would not want to file charges against myself (and most of the other people participating in these activities) for him to do so. And finally, I call this “scare tactics” because the aim was to scare us out of our actions, perhaps without realizing that I went into this aware of the risks, and that I am prepared to be charged.

      Hope that clarifies things. Thanks for your comment!

      (P.S. He sent that email only after taking the names of at least 5 people, so technically this was not a ‘warning’ email. He has since agreed not to file the charges “for now”.)

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