GEOG210. Letter from Jim Freeman to his students.

The Strike
by JAMES FREEMAN – Tuesday, 6 March 2012, 11:13 AM
I arrived at the classroom this morning to find the entrances blocked by strikers. If I can’t enter the room, I can’t teach. I’m not being asked to force my way past strikers, nor would I want to. The university’s current policy is not to forcibly remove strikers, so as things stand right now if strikers block the entrance, there won’t be class.Several people have asked me if there will be class on Thursday. I don’t know. I will arrive Thursday morning ready to teach. The rest depends on what the strikers do and what the university does.People have mentioned that this is an inconvenience. Absolutely. I prepared a lecture, got up this morning at 5:45 so I could take my son to his day camp before taking a bus to Concordia. I care about the class. I’m in the middle of telling you a story about geographies of global change, and I have much more to say. Any class missed represents material I will have to cut from the course.Please do keep up with the readings and submit the reading responses as per the course outline. Hopefully the strike will be resolved sooner, rather than later, and we won’t lose too much of the class.That said, I support the strike. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices and be inconvenienced to achieve larger goals. I see tuition hikes as part of a neoliberal turn in Quebec. If I’m teaching you about thinking globally, the other side of the coin is acting locally. And collective action can be very educational.

Jim Freeman

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