CSU strike vote

Don’t forget to vote for the CSU strike vote today!

Undergraduate General Assembly on the Strike!
March 7th at 3pm
H-110, Hall Building 7th Floor, Loyola Hive

From the e-mail from Lex Gill, CSU President (March 1, 2012)

All registered undergraduate students are members of the CSU and have the right to come, participate in the discussion, and vote at the General Assembly. There will be simultaneous votes on the 7th floor of the Hall building, in the H-110 auditorium, and at the Hive at Loyola, with the meetings beginning at 3pm. According to our bylaws, students are not able to vote by proxy, so please try to come to the meeting and have your voice heard!

Special General Meeting of the Concordia Student Union
Agenda – 3pm, H-110, Hall 7th Floor, Hive (simultaneous)

1. Call to Order

2. Brief presentation on the tuition fee increase

3. Motion Regarding Joining the Quebec Student Strike:

Be it resolved that the members of the Concordia Student Union participate in the day of action against the tuition fee increase on March 22nd;

Be it further resolved that the members of the Concordia Student Union join the province-wide student strike beginning on March 22nd and ending on March 29, for a total of five academic days.

Be it further resolved that, as they usually have the right to, undergraduate students may have another vote on the issue if they wish to continue a strike.

Be it further resolved that in the event of a strike, studios and laboratories be kept available, and that students on internship are not included in the strike mandate.

4. Adjournment

*Note, the Chair will retain the discretion to set time limits on agenda items *H-110 and the Hall 7th floor spaces are wheelchair accessible
For more information, read below, and check out:

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