Reading Group: the Neoliberal University.

Students on strike in the GEOG398G: Critical Geographies class invite you to join them in discussing this week’s timely readings on the Neoliberal university.  Students will meet outside class H-531 before moving to a non-classroom location for the discussion.

The readings are available online at the student-run geoggingclub post, are linked below and hopefully a few print outs will be available at GEOGstrike info stations.

Students from all departments are welcome! If there is interest we could host this session more than once throughout the week.

  • Bernans, David. (2001). Con U Inc. : privatization, marketization and globalization at Concordia University (and beyond). Concordia Student Union. pdf
  • Giroux, Henry A. (2002). Neoliberalism, Corporate Culture, and the Promise of Higher Education: The University as a Democratic Public Sphere. pdf
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