FAQ – intro to strike

from the GUSS email 4-March-2012, 13:21:

Who is on Strike?
Every undergraduate Geography and Environment student is on strike, including anyone with a Major, Minor, or Specialization. All GEOG and GEOL classes should be boycotted. There are currently seven other departments on strike and that number is growing.

I’m not in Geography or Environment, should I attend my GEOG and GEOL classes?
NO! All GEOG/GEOL classes are to be boycotted. Instead, join us in our struggle and participate in our workshops – you can even lead one yourself, or ask your professor to do so.

I’m in Geography/Environment, but I have non-GEOG/GEOL classes. Should I attend them?
YES, unless that department is also on strike. As of March 5, the following departments are on strike: Woman’s Studies and Sexuality Studies (WSSA), Geography and Environment (GUSS), School of Community and Public Affairs (SCPASA), Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA), Philosophy (SoPHIA), Political Science (PSSA), and Linguistics (LSA)

Are there other strike votes planned?
YES! CSU will hold a strike vote March 7th at 3:00pm in H110, 7th floor of the hall building and the Hive at Loyola. Every member of GUSS is also a member of CSU!  Graduate students will hold a strike vote March 6 at 12pm in H110. GEOGrad Geography Graduate Students have a secret ballot vote Monday. If you have a Major, Minor, or Specialization in any of the following departments, you can vote to go on strike in these departments!
Sociology and Anthropology (SASU): strike vote March 6 at 5:00pm in the CSU 7th floor.
Urban Planning (UPA): strike vote March 6 at 5:30pm in H711 (CSU Conference Room)

Classes are officially on strike! Any class that is taking place at their designated time and location is to be picketed. We want to show our support for low tuition.

What if other students want to go to class?
If a student wants to attend a class, kindly explain that you are on strike and you hope the student will join you. If the student still insists on attending the class, move out of the way and let them attend. If a student starts getting aggravated, or aggressive, spread the love and direct them to the coordinators who can discuss and inform.

What if a professor tries to cross the picket line?
Every professor is legally required to at least come to each class they are teaching because of their Collective Bargaining Agreement. However, they will not be entering the classrooms. The part-time faculty has been contacted by their association and have been instructed to not cross “picket-lines”.  They have also been encouraged to work with us to organize modifications to syllabi and move academics out of the classrooms.

What if a professor crosses the picket line?
We have confirmed the professors’ rights and responsibilities with the Provost and are doing our best to share their information with all support staff, TAs, and professors, but please pass the information on. Professors have the academic freedom to change their course outline. Professors have the right to determine how/when to accept “late” work. Professors also have the right to decide that they will cancel a class if they feel that not enough students are present that it is worth teaching. Most importantly, remember that majority of the professors are in full support and want nothing more than to work in solidarity with our movement; all are affected by to move to increase tuition.

What about assignments?
According to the Provost, each professor can set their own criteria for accepting late work. Speak with your professor and try to make alternative arrangements.

What if my Professor insists that I hand in an assignment or attend classes?
Contact the CSU Advocacy Centre at http://advocacy.csu.qc.ca/

What about online courses?
Unfortunately at the moment there is no effective way of striking against an online course. Continue to do this work or speak with your professor about alternative arrangements.

Do I still go to my internship?
Yes, internships are not included in the strike. Go be an a amazing intern and show Quebec what sort of amazing artists we can produce with accessible education.

Are there alternatives for professors and students?
Speak with your professor as soon as possible to arrange alternatives to a classroom. If a professor chooses to have a class in the lobby or outside, this is considered a “student performance” as anyone can watch. The only conditions are a student cannot be penalized for attending or not attending the performance/display, and no one can be prevented from watching the performance/display. If a professor is breaking these two conditions, insist that the class cannot continue and call your strike coordinator.

Students can continue to attend Labs as long as they are not associated with classes. Do not block any student from entering the room for these reasons. The reading room will remain open during the strike, as will the GIS lab on the 12th floor of Hall.

Striking gives us a lot more free time to work on new projects! It also allows us the opportunity to learn from a different approach. We are looking for people to hold workshops throughout the strike! If you are interested, approach a strike coordinator or contact GUSS@asfa.ca. Some workshop ideas include: student-run classes, critical GIS projects, banner making, flashmob exhibits, literary journal editing, film screening, posters designing, YOUR IDEAS!
Currently there are seven student associations on strike, and many more along the way. Look out for many different workshops from other departments!

General Assemblies (GAs)
Based on the results of the doodle, the next General Assembly will take place next Thursday at 4pm. We will be holding weekly GAs on the 7th floor of the Hall Building. We will be emailing all GUSS members, posting in the GUSS Facebook group and on https://geographyonstrike.wordpress.com/, putting up posters, and encouraging all strike coordinators to make announcements. At each assembly we will ask the members whether they want to continue the strike. We will also ask members to bring motions to the floor for all members to vote on.

Strike Mobilization Committees
This group is a non-binding committee where members organize the logistics of the strike and informally discuss new developments of the strike. We will try to have at least one striker’s assembly every day or second day during the strike. We will announce the location on a day to day basis through Facebook and WordPress. We will also be having weekend meeting to discuss overall logistics, strategies and mobilization tactics.

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