Day 1 – Mobilization

When: 8:00am, Monday March 5th
Where: The GSA house (2030 Mackay, next door to Al-taib)

Our first base camp meeting to debrief, create classroom teams and divy up other tasks. If you have good handwriting, if you are a good listener, if you like making banners, or if you want to learn to give class presenations from the pros, we would be happy to see there.  There are GEOG classes throughout the day, starting with two classes at 10:15am, concluding with three classes at 6:00pm, so there is sure to be something to fit your busy schedule.

Since this is our first time, things are sure to be evolving as we go. Let’s put all our heads together for best results!

Special Notes:
– wear red (don’t forget the flash mob at 10:45)
– bring cameras: both to document our activities and represent to the media, but especially to prevent escalation if tense situations emerge between students and security.

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One Response to Day 1 – Mobilization

  1. R.Student says:

    This is great folks. You guys are so organized! Proud of you. Keep up the great work!! See you tomorrow!!

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