End of year part – Free education, not war

End of year PARTY
Free education, not war

Thursday, 29th November, 7pm
Kafein, 1429A Bishop

with live performances, including belly-dancing

FREE DRINKS, for FREE EDUCATION, for the first 30 folks!

ALL ARE WELCOME. Please invite your friends, profs and other collaborators, particularly from the strike period.


a party to celebrate the successful mobilization at Concordia
leading up to the strike,
and throughout the movement. 

a party to recall how awesome it was
to make history
and join the GGI.

a party also to reconcile
and attempt to heal collectively
from the wounds inflicted by the admin,
by the riot police 
by the charges
by the private security guards
by the SPVM
by the SQ.

a party to say hello and hugs
the friends and comrades
“partners in crime”
protest buddies and what not!

a party to say no to war, and 
a big yes to Free Education
to say no to oppression, 
no to imperialism
no to colonialism, and
a big yes to self-determination.

a party to rejoice and replenish
and build strength 
to continue to fight 
for accessible and free education,
to fight for other causes,
be it climate justice or 
any other form of social justice.

Free Education Montreal (FEM)
Anti-War Efforts at Concordia (AWE-C)

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Sept 10: GUSS General Assembly


GUSS General Assembly
Monday, September 10 at 5:30pm
CSU lounge (7th floor of the Hall Building)


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Free Pizza GUSS GA

TODAY *(Thursday April 10th) 6:00pm – 9:00pm
CSU Lounge, Hall Building, 7th Floor
(facebook event)

Let’s make quorum so we can make some f***ing decisions about 1 – the govt offer; 2 – the strike mandate that is still in effect and may continue to be until the fall; 3 – our CLASSE membership.

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Special Strike Reflection Edition at the Geogging Collective

A Special Strike Edition of the Geogging Collective is posting student reflections on the strike, particularly from a geography perspective.  Submissions are welcome if you would like to contribute (email kileygoyette at gmail dot com).

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Concordia Profs Contre La Hausse

Geography Profs Represent!!!

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The Black Bloc and the Red Square

This is a translation of the article “Black Bloc et carré rouge” by Francis Dupuis-Déri – professor of political science at l’UQAM and author of the book Les Black Blocs (Lux, 2007). This article was originally published in french on the website Le Devoir.com on April 28 2012.

Given our current political situation in Quebec with the student strike, this article is particularly pertinent. The majority of the daily student protests have been peaceful, but some have not, and these events have led to many discussions on the role of direct action in political struggle. This article addresses the tactics of the black blocs, putting them in the context of police violence, as well as systemic violence.

The Black Bloc and the Red Square

by Francis Dupuis-Déri

For weeks debates have been raging over the subject of the Black Bloc, defined as ‘anarchist groupuscules’, ‘vandals’, ‘masked and wearing only black, waving black flags’. During protests I’ve seen protesters angered and take physical action against black bloc members in the name of pacifism.

On some occasions, a Black Bloc may march with protesters, following the flow of the demonstration, like other contingents, union, non governmental organizations and political parties, grouped behind their banners and their leaders. Often when I’ve seen Black Blocs in protests in Montreal or elsewhere, they were generally marching calmly, expressing, with their presence alone, a radical critique of capitalism and the state. It’s only when a Black Bloc passes to direct action that the media recognize their existence. The Black Bloc is not a new phenomenon, here’s a look at the movement’s history. Continue reading

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Love Song for March 22, 2012

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Lipdub Rouge +

Is there possibly anything more wonderful than the Lipdub Rouge?

Yes — the MAKING OF Lipdub Rouge!

Congrats everyone!!!!

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New post at the geogging collective

I have posted the speech I gave at the General Assembly of the Concordia-wide Community on April 26th on the geogging collective.

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